Wear Your Mask—in the smog-choked city of Einsam it’s not just a good idea, it’s the law.


Every aspect of life in the Great Society is regulated, your every action observed.


The only thoughts you can trust are your own.


Seventeen years of oppression boil in Evelyn’s mind and she’s desperate for a way out.


In an act of defiance, she breaks from routine and discovers a world of radicals and dissidents. Beliefs she thought immutable crumble away like ash.


Standing on the threshold between the world she’s always known and an uncertain path toward freedom, Evelyn must decide how much she’s willing to sacrifice to learn the truth about the Great Society.


Einsam burns.


Fowler's coup against the Caretakers' has plunged the Great Society into civil war. With the veneer of peace shattered, violence is spiraling out of control.

The Great Society teeters on the brink of collapse.

Fleeing Einsam with her surviving companions, seventeen-year-old Evelyn Brennan carries evidence of the Caretaker's heinous crimes. If she can find a way of smuggling it out of the country, she may be able to rally the world to intervene and stem the violence.

But hunted by enemies and haunted by the blood on her hands, Evelyn must strike an unsavory bargain to keep her and her friends one step ahead of the flames.


In fire or peace, the civil war will end. Foreign powers and expatriate guerrilla groups have competing visions for a post-war Great Society.


With no good options, Evelyn must pick a side and deal with the fallout.   

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