I received my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in history from Northern Arizona University. While studying, I gravitated toward public history and, within that discipline, documentary.


I’ve had the privilege to work on public history projects in various forms. From the traveling panel exhibit Through the Eyes of Youth: Life and Death in the Bedzin Ghetto, a self-paced virtual QR code exhibit of Northern Arizona University Louie’s Legacy, the highly interactive, comic book themed Space Guard Academy exhibit on asteroids for Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, the Mountain Vail Rail Line Trail interoperative signage, I did design and videography work for the Esmond K8 School’s Section Foreman House Esmond Train Wreck Exhibit, and I wrote and directed a feature length documentary exploring the historical and cultural landscape of Vail Arizona, Voices of Vail.


We can choose to have our histories written for us, or we can engage the process to ensure that diverse perspectives are heard, and that complex, messy details are not omitted or whitewashed.


We are nothing without our memories so we must be good stewards and tend to them with care.

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