I love making films/videos/movies (I’m still debating what term is best in the era of digital recording and, primarily, online viewing).


Growing up I forced my friends to dress up and make sword fighting movies in the desert. In college I was fascinated with documentary as a complicated medium to tell real/true stories within a highly curated and abstracted form.


In 2018, I directed my first feature-length documentary Voices of Vail. I want to keep pushing myself as a ‘filmmaker’ and continue making documentaries while also branching out into narrative works.


SHort Films

Headphones on. Lights off.


I made Whispers as part of the AMBEO smart headset short film contest, but I came up with the story as a nine-year-old boy scout on a camping trip to scare my friends.

We filmed 8 hours straight through the night to get it done! Thank you, Leslie, Matt, Mom, Gaby, & Kyle for all your help and patience!

We (Leslie, Matt, and I) filmed Spoils of War with one day and only a few hours before Matt left for Spain. Nothing helps you grow faster than getting out there and actually filming!

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